Version 1.3 introduced following new features:

  • trace your progress using statistics
  • split set into groups allowing you to learn big sets in stages
  • customizable font size

Version 1.2 introduced following new features:

  • create your own sets with images right on device

  • edit or add image to card

  • save images on phone so that images are available even when you have no internet connection

Version 1.0 introduced following features:

  • import flashcards from quizlet.com and flashcardexchange.com

  • edit card locally

  • four study methods - one by one, quiz, flashcards and multi-match

  • tracing progress based on historical scores

  • cards sets synchronization with server's version

  • support for images in all study modes except multi-match

  • reach settings options - adjusting number of cards in one game, number on anwsers in quiz, switch between ask for term/definition modes and many others

  • auto-save - any time study is holded all results are allready saved
  • tomstoning support - after sending application to background and turing on afterwards game state is persisted and restored