My Cards

This section presents a list of imported flashcard sets. After selecting a given flashcard, you will see its specification screen. This is where your study session begins. The next step is to choose one of the four study methods avaialble: quiz, study of flash cards, multi-matching and one-by one. Using the application bar you can delete a given set, reset progress data, see all cards or check for updates on the server. Using search option from appar allows you to browse locally imported flashcard sets. Entered search phrase will initiate a name and description search routine of a given flashcard.

Find sets

This section allows you to import new flashcardsets to your phone. To import a new set,enter a keyword in the search textbox and press ENTER on the keyboard. Your search request will be processed and after a few seconds a list of results will be available on the display. The search is performed at both and flashcardexchange. Swipe left or right to switch between the two services. The import screen appears once you have chosen the set to import and selected it by tapping. The screen contains detailed information about a given set and allows you to change its name. To import the set, tap "Add to my cards" button.


The Settings section allows you to modify parameters related to the study methods. For each study method you can choose whether you will be asked for a term or definition. For a quiz you can adjust the number of presented answers for each question. For a multi-match you can change the number of cards for one study session. Additionally, there is adjustable limit of cards count in any single study session. Finally, you can turn off tracing progress which means that the application will randomly select cards for studying instead of taking into account your previous study sessions for a particular set.

Study methods

One by one

It is a classic flashcard study method. After turning back a card, you can decidewhether you have memorized a term or not. Feedback will be used to track your learning progress for a set of cards. Depending on your settings, cards can either appear randomly or according to a progress tracking algorithm.


You can take a quiz for a set of cards. Once you have chosen your answer, you have to check the radio button next to it. At this point you can still change your answer. When you are sure of your choice, press the check button on the application bar. A correct answer will be marked in green and a false one in red. To move to the next card press the ‘next’ button. You can skip a card – the application will show that question again at the end of the quiz. To do so, do not choose any answer and press next. The number of answers can be changed in the settings section.


This game consists in matching terms with their definitions which are listed in two columns. A correct answer triggers animation from the second screen shot and makes the matching pair disappear from both of the lists. An incorrect answer triggers animation from the first screen. The game finishes when all elements have been correctly matched.


In short, it`s a multi-version of a classic flashcards game. You can scroll through all cards from one session. After tapping, each card shows an answer. Just like in one-by-one game, you can mark it as known or unknown to you.