Memo Cards is flashcard applications for the Windows Phone 7 Platform. Now you will be able to learn your flashcards anytime and anywhere. All you need is your smart phone! The application allows you to use flashcards in many different ways. You can choose between:
  • classic flashcards flipping
  • quiz
  • matching terms to definitions

While playing, your progress is analyzed so that the application knows which card should be presented more often than other cards in order to improve the learning process. With Memo Cards you can study flashcards available on one of the bigest flashcard websites:
This uses the flashcardexchange.com flash cards
All you need to do is type in the searched words in our application and choose a set you want to learn. The application will automatically search both websites. When you download one of the found sets, you can start learning. If you want you can create your own sets on directly on your phone. Recently used sets are available on the first page so that you can access the most often-studied sets easily. Tombstoning support allows you to stop the learning game any time and resume later without losing your progress. Finally, an intuitive and friendly interface will make the usage of the application extremely easy.


Currently, there is only a free version of the application available. The next update will introduce paid version that allows user to create backup's. All features available for now will remain free.

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